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pink heroin

Pink Heroin: Why are we so scared of a drug called pink?

What is pink heroin and why is it so deadly? I once overheard someone commenting on how great the cocaine was in Key West, Florida. He said, “it’s so pure, it’s pink!” Aside from the amusing alliteration and my mentally connecting his comment with sandy beaches and pink flamingo-themed items in gift shops, there does seem to be a street appeal to pink powder. The same goes for heroin. Some street users seek out a Read more…

the hurt healer

Healing The Hurt Healer: Learning To Heal With Empathy

The Empathetic Healer Needs Time To Heal In the world of addiction treatment, there are at least two types of healers. Some practice “tough love” and others who heal with compassion and empathy. Being the former type does not make a person wrong or a bad healer. They have decided to maintain distance and create barriers to protect themselves from being hurt during the healing process. The empathetic healer reaches out and feels the pain Read more…

the last chair

The Last Chair In The Last Room

Have you already tried everything without success? There is a saying in the rooms of recovery that you have arrived at the last house on the block. The saying means that you have tried everything and now you are at the place of last resort. When it comes to addiction and alcoholism, quitting can be hard. It can be the hardest thing you ever do in your life. Staying quit is not easy either. It Read more…