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There are many different mindfulness techniques and mindfulness exercises for focus, which are considered excellent ways to live in the moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Mindfulness includes many different activities. It is about being genuinely aware of your own thoughts and feelings while also being open to the thoughts and feelings of others. It is an essential life skill.

If you are new to mindfulness technique, start by focusing your attention on your breath. When you are breathing in you should focus on the sensation of the movement of air into your nostrils. When you are exhaling, focus on the sensation of moving air out of your mouth. Leave off mental chatter and only focus on your breath. Lastly, bring your attention back to your breath at regular intervals throughout your day.

Another mindfulness technique is to focus attention on a single object, such as a flower or a doorknob or any number of other objects that can be easily found in everyday life. 

Some of the best mindfulness exercises include focusing attention on single object, focusing on your breath, forgiveness meditation, and loving-kindness meditation. Each exercise can help provide clarity and understanding for positive change.

Focusing attention on single object includes paying attention to affective implications of what you are looking at or feeling. Here, focus will be on what it feels like touching the object. For example–the heated black coffee mug in which you are about to pour your morning cup of coffee.

There are many different types of mindfulness exercises, and there is a variety of contexts in which to practice.

Whatever the circumstance, mindfulness can be an effective resource for managing one’s life without drugs and alcohol.

Mindfulness exercises that follow in this article may contribute to the many positive qualities that help with staying away from drugs and alcohol. In some cases, these exercises can also be useful for finding new meaning in life outside of substance abuse.

In mindfulness exercises, the focus is on awareness.

It can be difficult to stay mindful but most of us can keep our attention on a single object for a few minutes at a time.

Focus your mind on a single object – a piece of pottery, a seashell, a tree, a tree leaf. As you develop your skills in basic mindfulness exercises it is helpful to do variations of this exercise throughout the day.


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