With a PhD in Physiology and Biophysics and a master’s degree in Tranformative Visual Art, Kimberly Harding has some beautifully considered insights on the subject of healing hurt. I’m delighted to share just a taste of her work here.

When Carolyn first asked me to participate on this site, I spent some time considering the title “The Hurt Healer”.  I could not get those two words, “hurt” and “healer” out of my mind.

I am a spiritual artist.  I normally pull out a sheet of paper, make a mark or two with no intention (other than being honest) and wait to see what evolves.   Those two words resulted in the image above.

In the image, I see the figure on the left reaching up from the darkness to touch the spiraling light on the right.  There appears to be a slight barrier between the two sides.

I wonder if this is how those of us who have been hurt often feel in life.  Bits of darkness remain inside after the trauma, and we long for those parts to reach out towards the Light.  Actually, I do not know if it is so much a “longing”, or rather a strong awareness on our part to pull those parts forth , so they may be healed by the light. (Always requiring a great deal of bravery on our parts, I might add.)

And I thought of “hurt” and “healer” and wondered if those words could ever be separated.  I know for myself, although I have done a great deal of “healing”, a part of me that was “hurt” will always remain.  I do not mean this in a pessimistic sense.  But rather, as I have aged and changed, the growing awareness continues that the mark of trauma will likely remain.

This does not mean I am meant to suffer endlessly.  It is simply a part of my experience which has left its mark.  The analogy I often use is that I am a ship with a rudder that was placed a bit “off”.  To live a happy, functional life, I like, so many, must continually “self-correct” to keep the rudder pointed in the right direction.

There need not be sadness with that understanding.  Perhaps “hurt” and “healer” are not to be separated.  Perhaps it is the continual awareness of our own “hurt” which enable us to fulfill the role of “healer”.

As “hurt healers”, we hold both positions along the infinity loop of injury and healing, and by straddling both positions, we are given the true potential to heal the world.

kimberley hardingI truly believe the words written below:

It is those who have been

hurt the most,

that understand the best.


And it will be those,

with the Soul’s awareness ground into bone,

that heal this world.


For more inspirational and thought provoking words and art, please do take a look at Kimberly Harding’s site – Soul Healing Art – www.kimberlyharding.wordpress.com