i create my world connie bowenWe all want our children to fulfill their destiny. Artist and author Connie Bowen highlights how our own lives shapes those of our loved ones and the importance of leading by example.

There is a stream of wellbeing that flows for all of us. If we can set aside our worries, doubts and fears and tune into the unlimited force for good, we will receive guidance for our next step. Following one step at a time puts us on a path of self-knowing, self-understanding and self-love.

Getting to know ourselves, our wants, our desires at a very deep level is meaningful in itself. But this knowledge coupled with the realization that we are truly one with all that is, sends a stabilizing force into our lives. No longer can we be tumbled willy nilly through life.

It is astounding what we can accomplish when we believe in the power of our own goodness, our own self-worth and our reason for being. Passion lies at the very heart of our being. Awaken this passion today.  What is it you want to do, or be or have? What whispers of your soul have you been ignoring? What deep, dark and seemingly unknowable secrets have been hidden away never to be unearthed? These doubts are simply made of nothing at all, soon to crumble in the light of our innocence.

We all are winners, because we all can strive to be more of who we are every day. We can finally remove the masks that we’ve been wearing and be who we are. And when we do, we’ll find a light shining so bright that shines from within, that it can never be dimmed.

Our children truly reflect our inner light. A positive life focus that comes from a deep wellspring of self-love reaches to all we encounter, including our families. Knowing that whatever we face in life is a reflection of our own inner growth, there can be no blame or victimhood that can express. Knowing that we are the builders of our lives transfers directly to our children who pick up on our very thoughts on a daily basis.

For those wondering how and when to encourage our children in a positive direction, let them be the leaders of their own destiny. They will let us know in no uncertain terms what it is they were meant to do. If we can quiet our own expectations, they will guide us to the level of encouragement and support they are needing. We have taken on the task of nurturing their unfolding, and we are up to the task. For we can hold the light for them. We can be unwavering in our knowledge of their inner magnificence. We can reach within ourselves and hold steadfast the realization that they are one with a power so vast as to move mountains with a single breath. In all the turmoil of a life well-lived, we can be the stabilizing force that leads them to their own inner strength. We are indeed up to the task, for it is our calling, our life and our essence that we have let shine down upon them.

We are the very foundation by which our children, our families rely. But we are not alone and neither are they. They are utterly in tune with our deepest longings and watch as we step out into the unknown with confidence, knowing that we are guided, aided and directed by an inner force so sweet as to never leave us lacking.

connie bowen I believe in meCan we be an example of what it means to thrive? Can we continue to uplift, inspire and be mindful of our inner power? If we want to empower others by our very example, including our children, we will allow ourselves to be all that we can be. Surely, our children will follow our every breath and reach even higher – for they are the embodiment of all we hold dear, and they are the leaders, the believers and the healers of our tomorrow.

©2014 Connie Bowen


connie-bowenConnie Bowen has always loved to draw and paint, and she majored in art at Washington State University. She works in acrylic on canvas. “I Believe In Me” was her first children’s book. Inspired by her son Matthew, the book won the national Athena Award for Excellence in Mentoring.

Connie also wrote and illustrated “I Turn to the Light: A Book of Healing Affirmations”, and she provided illustrations for “The Sunbeam and the Wave” by Harriet Hamilton.

Connie’s newest illustrated children’s book is “I Create My World; the Power of Thought To Shape Our Lives: a Book of Affirmations.”

Her publishing clients include Unity Books, New World Library and Random House.

Connie and her husband Mike live in Lake Oswego, Oregon.