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I have followed Carolyn Hughes and her work as The Hurt Healer since she began and have always found her writings a huge source of inspiration, courage, strength and hope.  The way she touches her readers by opening her heart lets you gently know she’s survived and thrived what you may be going through and/or offers you a new take on an aspect of your life. Her powerful, yet gentle, messages will leave you feeling buoyed in the knowledge that joy and serenity are truly possible, in spite of your present circumstances.

Lisa Frederiksen

Author, Speaker and Consultant on Addiction, Breaking the Cycles

Carolyn has dedicated her time, energy and unique perspective to comfort and heal those who feel most fragile and vulnerable. Her gentle approach offers stability and warmth, bringing long lasting positive change.

Connie Bowen

Artist & Author, Connie Bowen


I love what you have written in the areas of forgiveness and healing in your blog. It is a tremendous benefit for the many who have experienced hurts or other unresolved issues from their past.


James Soo

Author - 'A Life Fulfilled'

I’ve followed Carolyn since she started blogging and I’m always impressed by the warmth, clarity and expressiveness of her writing style. She is able to tackle difficult subjects in a very accessible way, so that every reader can have the sense that she’s writing specifically for them. She writes with the authority of experience and, because she is so honest and open about her own difficult past, her voice is the voice of a safe and trusted friend.


Jenny Alexander

Author of 'Bullies, Bigmouths and So-called Friends; and Writing in the House of Dreams, Jenny Alexander