walk through fire

Sometimes life hits with such force that you know nothing will ever be the same again. This was true for the Bowers family when in August 1999, David Bowers life as he knew it was literally blown away.

Victim of an horrific industrial accident, David suffered 94% burns and was given a 125% chance of not surviving.

Walk Through Fire – One couple’s journey of finding joy in the midst of tragedy is an honest and touching account of the Bowers family battle from the brink of death to a life of hope.

A split second can change you for ever, and it’s then you learn how precious and unpredictable life can be, not to mention painful. David Bowers went through unimaginable physical and emotional trauma following his accident. His wife and children too had to face their own anxieties and uncertainties.

Many people who have experienced personal tragedies or challenges go through life bitter, resentful and fearful. The message from Walk Through Fire however is this doesn’t have to be the case.

You can choose to dig deep. You can choose to have faith. You can choose to heal. Those were the choices of the Bowers family.

“I used to question the future, the landscape, the possibilities, the challenges. But tomorrow doesn’t concern me much anymore. I’ve learned, through fire of the body and struggles of the soul, that God goes before me. And He will always prepare my way.” –Carly Bowers

In the midst of chaos, pain and despair it can be hard to hold on to keep trusting and keep focused on the speck of light in the midst of overwhelming darkness. So many questions can remain unanswered, ‘Why me?’, What did I do to deserve this?’, ‘What next?’.

The Bowers family asked all these and more. Yet their story shows you should never mistake God’s silence for His absence. And that as long as you keep believing in Him, you will find the strength for each day whatever it may bring.

Walk Through Fire reminds you of those times when you find it hard to hold on, because it’s then you realize God is actually holding on to you.

“A burn injury is not life ending, just life changing.” – David Bowers

No matter how difficult times became David Bowers never gave up and made the decision to embrace life on life’s terms. With the support of his loving wife and children, and treatment from dedicated experts he slowly recovered. Even though he still faced exceptional physical and psychological challenges, he chose to use his own experiences to inspire and encourage other burn victims.

walk through fireThis account of courage and strength as told through Carly and David Bowers eyes is an incredible story of triumph over tragedy. Beautifully written, Walk Through Fire is a truly inspirational read.

For more of their story, visit their website http://www.bowersministry.com, connect with them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BowersMinistry and of course don’t forget to order your copy of  Walk Through Fire from Amazon.