clean cause waterIt really is possible to turn your life around from addiction, as Wes Hurt, founder of CLEAN cause can testify.  He describes his inspirational recovery as being based ‘in the reality that his story isn’t all that different from most addicts’ and alcoholics’.’ And that is the beauty of his journey. Many addicts and alcoholics are travelling the same path to destruction yet Wes shows that not only is it possible to get clean and sober but to pay it forward too. Read more of how Wes isn’t just living his life clean but encouraging and supporting others to do the same.

I began drinking and smoking pot in my teens – sound familiar? 

Shortly after high school I started experimenting with hard drugs. Daily drinking was already the norm, but my drug use started gaining momentum. For the next decade I used almost anything put in front of me. Let’s be honest, most people experiment in their younger years – but the difference between a non-addict and myself is that I didn’t stop using as a result of significant negative consequences.

I’m an addict and alcoholic. Nope, not a victim…just an addict and alcoholic.

Throughout my late 20’s and into my early 30’s, I somehow managed to start and build a successful small business – drunk and high everyday. The business’ profits were not used to pursue my dreams, but instead to enable my addiction. What had started as me popping a couple ‘innocent’ pills led me to depending upon roughly 35 Vicodin daily. Towards the end of my addiction, I was also smoking crack.

At this time in my life I was fortunate enough to somehow still have a loving wife and family, a couple of furbies (2 kitties), a home and a thriving business. All this, and my addiction still took precedent over everything. I chose to live in isolation using, sleeping in a warehouse on a concrete floor.

I didn’t care how bad it got. I was numb. I was done. I was completely disconnected from reality.

Over the last 15 years I’ve been to 6 rehabs and a psych ward. I was told countless times throughout the years that my addiction would eventually take my life. Lying on that concrete warehouse floor, staring up at the ceiling…for the first time, I truly believed it. I had hit my bottom. The time had come to make a decision…to ‘get busy livin’ or get busy dyin.’

So? I have chosen life. Thank you, God.

The CLEAN dream is to provide hope to people just like me. At first, the funds from the water will enable us to hire individuals in recovery. But that’s just the beginning of the CLEAN Dream. Our goal is to create a sustainable source of funds that will enable us to help cover the costs of desperately needed services including rehabilitation scholarships, intervention and family counseling services.  Millions are suffering from addiction across the world, and it’s time we work together to take this epidemic head on.

Why water? It’s really more about the CAUSE than the product. Water is just one of many products we hope to rollout, as our ultimate vision is to create a CLEAN lifestyle brand. That said, people clean cause waterdrink a lot of water and why not introduce a in-demand/high quality product that stands for something. People are already buying water. Why not buy a water that was created to make a difference?

In closing…I want to point out that I feel so blessed and grateful to be alive but don’t regret the past. They say it’s darkest before the dawn. Cliché but true. I’m not cured and never will be, but things are looking up now that I am sober, and my hope is that God will enable me to spend the rest of my life doing what I can to help others.

Wes Hurt – Founder, CLEAN Cause