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Originally from London, Carolyn Hughes has a BA Hons Applied Social Science (Psychology and Social Policy) and CQSW (Certificate in Qualification in Social Work). She has 15 years experience as a family social worker in UK and Germany, and now lives in Northern Ireland with her two daughters.

Carolyn is the founder of the Hurt Healer; an inspirational website formed from the Hurt Healer blog. She is a freelance writer and is regularly published in the UK and the United States. A large proportion of her work specialises in addiction and mental health issues which stems from her personal story of overcoming alcoholism and depression.  She has published her first book, ‘How to heal a broken heart – let go of pain and learn to love again.

Carolyn also offers talks on any aspect of the Hurt Healer for a wide range of community, faith and women’s organisations.


For 20 years Carolyn called alcohol ‘The Hurt Healer. It helped numb the pain of being abandoned as a child by her mother and being abused by her father. It gave her confidence to deal with the present and took away her fears for the future. But her addiction also kept her trapped in a cycle of despair and hopelessness.

During her 17 years in recovery, Carolyn has found freedom in sobriety and has overcome long-term depression. Having reclaimed her life, her ‘Hurt Healer’ today is faith, love, serenity, joy, positivity and creativity.

The Hurt Healer has a thriving community of worldwide members who want to make their own journey to emotional wholeness and empowered living. Her site reflects Carolyn’s passion to inspire others to live their lives as the person they were meant to be.

It currently has over 35,000 followers on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.